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Super Boy Sunday 8-Piece Collection

By Gandzee

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Product Details

Fall weekends were made for watching football, raking leaves and sharing meals with friends and family. Whether you're heading off to Grandma's house or laying low at home, this wardrobe collection delivers the perfect blend of comfort and style to make some serious autumn memories.

Collection includes:

  • Charlie Rocket long-sleeved motorcycle tee in blue
  • E Land denim jeans
  • E Land red checkered button-down shirt
  • Charlie Rocket long-sleeved skater tee in black
  • E Land gray sweatpants
  • E Land red hoodie
  • E Land long-sleeved tee in blue, red and gray stripes
  • Jefferies socks

In this Collection: Charlie Rocket, E Land, Jefferies.


We recommend mixing and matching the items in this wardrobe collection to achieve a ton of great looks:

  1. Red checked shirt with denim jeans
  2. Motorcycle tee with denim jeans
  3. Skater tee with denim jeans
  4. Striped tee with denim jeans
  5. Motorcycle tee with sweats
  6. Skater tee with sweats
  7. Stiped tee with hoodie
  8. Motorcycle tee with hoodie

Styling Suggestions

Take your wardrobe even further by styling the clothes in this collection with staples from your child's closet:

  • Toss on the sweats with a white tee and hoodie
  • Pair the jeans with casual sweaters
  • Grab a pair of khaki pants to go with the red checkered shirt
  • Wear the graphic tees with a pair of black pants
  • Throw a jean jacket overtop the striped tee
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