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Jen Nomberg Gandzee CEO

It all started with a fairy godmother.

After Jen Nomberg had her second child—a beautiful little girl—boxes of clothing began magically appearing on her doorstep.

“I had a cousin whose daughter was just a little older than mine,” said Jen. “I was lucky because not only did she have incredible taste but she bought really high-end brands and was super organized when she put everything away at the end of a season.”

When her daughter was little, the boxes would arrive labeled and with all of the clothing Jen needed to outfit her tiny fashion diva for an entire season. As the years passed and her daughter grew, Jen was confronted with a new reality. If she wanted her daughter to continue to wear adorable, high-quality clothes that stood out in a crowd, she was going to have to shop for them herself.

Trouble was, shopping turned into a full-time occupation. There were mall stores and designer boutiques, big box stores and online retailers. And the cute pair of leggings she picked up at one store never wound up coordinating with the sweater she’d found somewhere else. The more Jen shopped, the more she missed the magical boxes that had been delivered like clockwork. She didn’t just want a fairy godmother, she wanted a fairy stylist.

One day it dawned on her. If Jen felt overwhelmed by what it took to outfit two growing kids, other moms probably did too. And a business was born.

Gandzee exists to make life a little easier for busy moms and dads. Add an entire wardrobe collection to your shopping cart with the click of a button. Every clothing item within a wardrobe collection is hand-selected by Gandzee stylists, and the entire contents of the box are intended to mix-and-match to give you more great looks. On the website, get styling suggestions for how you can layer your items with other clothing staples you already own, so you can take your child’s wardrobe even further. And since Gandzee isn’t a subscription service, you only buy a box of clothes when you want one.

Shopping for kids clothing has never been this easy. Or this fun.

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