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How Gandzee Works


Buy a season's worth of fashion-forward kids clothes with the click of one button

Gandzee offers entire wardrobe collections and individual pieces for babies and kids ages 2 to 6—perfect for busy moms and dads who want to buy a season's worth of kids' clothes with the click of a single button. The clothing is adorable and the quality is what you’d expect to find at a boutique or high-end department store.

Everything in a wardrobe collection mixes and matches

When our stylists design a wardrobe collection, their goal is for everything to look great together—even if your four-year-old is the one putting it all together. In each box, you're guaranteed to get oodles of matching outfits.

Save trips to the mall and multiple shipping fees

Between big box stores, department stores, boutiques and online retailers, we think there's value in buying everything you need in one place.

Follow our styling suggestions to take your child's wardrobe even further

Kids don't come with instruction manuals but our wardrobe collections do! On our website, we offer styling suggestions that help you use clothing staples (think khakis, jeans and leggings) to get the most out of your child's new clothes.

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