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Commitment to Quality

Gandzee searches high and low for fashion-forward childen’s clothing that’s high-quality, unique and going to hold up to wear and tear.

We work with children’s clothing designers all over the United States, hand-selecting every piece of clothing that goes into our wardrobe collections. We want to be a kids’ clothing service that moms and dads come back to again and again because they trust us to pick the best fabrics, the best colors, the best styles and the best brand names.

When we add a new brand to our inventory, we understand that we’re putting our good name on the line. Nothing goes into a Gandzee box until we decide it’s style fairy perfect. We rigorously scrutinize every single vendor with whom we work, and every box goes through some serious quality control before it makes its way to your door. All of our attention to detail pays off when you open a Gandzee box and discover a spectacular wardrobe collection of kids’ clothing that’s unlike anything you’d ever be able to buy at the mall.

At Gandzee, we’re not just committed to delivering incredible wardrobe collections for kids. We’re committed to delivering magic to busy moms and dads.

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