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Boo-tastic Halloween: Creative Kids Costumes Full of Tricks and Treats

Posted on October 06, 2013 @ 21:32 Sunday by Gandzee | 0 comments

It’s that time of year so we know you are thinking “what should I dress my child in for Halloween?”  This Halloween season Gandzee wants to give you a few fairly simple and creative suggestions. We are sharing two adorable and easy, do-it-yourself costume ideas that are fashionably fun and would make any mom say, “awwww”. The costumes we found are made with many items that can be found around the house to keep your to-do list small.


DIY 50’s Inspired Costume


How cute is this 50’s inspired duo costume? Do you have a daughter and a son? If so, this brother/sister costume is sure to inspire a 50’s fashion revival! It is playful, creative, and precious. If you don’t have a son and a daughter? Don’t fret! Your little boy or girl can still be a 50’s girl with her poodle skirt, a white shell (our lace patio shell would fit the bill) and our pink cardigan would layer perfectly over it or a greaser with his leather jacket (our reversible vest will hit the super cool mark) and jeans (La Min skinny jeans keep your little dude in theme).

The full instructions and list of materials can be found at this website.


DIY Luigi and Mario Costume

This absolutely lovable Luigi and Mario costume is sure to be a hit.  The classic duo is perfect for any brother pair or to be worn separately. It will make your kids want to see what gameboys are all you remember them? This costume is also made with items that can be found around the house.

Supplies Needed for Mario & Luigi:

1. Green and Red Sweatshirts or Long Sleeved Shirts

2. White Gloves

3. Overalls

4. Star: can be printed off the internet

5. Red and Green Hats!

The only item that needs to be made is the Luigi and Mario initials on the hat.


For more ideas, visit this website for 20 more creative Halloween costumes for your kids.


Let us know what you think. What will your child be dressing up as for Halloween?




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