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A Behind-the-Scenes Look: Gandzee's Fall 2013 Photo Shoot

Posted on July 12, 2013 @ 09:00 Friday by Gandzee | 0 comments

Summer is in full swing, but don’t let the back-to-school rush take you by surprise! At Gandzee, we make shopping for your little ones stress-free. Forget rummaging through store racks, Gandzee delivers entire wardrobe collections to your door with a click of a button. Gandzee is so excited about our fall collection; we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our recent photo shoot, as well as a sneak peek of our fall fashions!

The fun began bright and early on the morning of the photo shoot, as kids and parents prepared for a day of fun and fashion. When the models arrived, they were whisked away to their dressing room where Dima El Awar and Amani Kaboudi, from VCU’s Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising, ensured they were runway ready.

From fun, colorful shirts to stylish jackets and jeans, everything was fall-ready and kid-approved. Soft, comfortable and super cute, the kids put on their new threads while the moms and dads grinned ear to ear.

Mom Christine Mehfoud, whose three girls modeled for the photo shoot, was enthusiastic about Gandzee’s magical wardrobe collections for kids.

“They’re absolutely adorable clothes and they also feel really good,” Mehfoud said. “Kids are comfortable in them so they’re happy, and parents are comfortable with them because they look great.”

After donning their duds, the little ones were then taken to hair and makeup where Roger ‘Raj’ Hall, was ready to make these already-adorable babes camera ready! The kids absolutely loved getting their hair and makeup done. Just sitting in Raj’s chair with all the big kid supplies made them feel like superstars.

Hall said working with the kids is always a fun experience.

“I just like to make people look and feel beautiful, and working with the kids has been exciting. Their little faces just light up when look in the mirror.” Hall said.

After the kids were dressed and their hair and makeup were complete, it was time to enter the set where stylist Alexandra Ammar set the tone for the amazing shots.

Once in front of the camera, the kids got to do what they do best: have fun! While the shoot aimed to showcase Gandzee’s high quality, fashion- forward clothing, it also allowed the kids to express themselves comfortably in their clothes, which is what we’re all about at Gandzee.

When the kids weren't posing for the camera, they were behind the set playing with the props while parents eagerly awaited their child’s turn, their own cameras in hand!

Photographer Jay Paul said his vision for the photo shoot was simple: to display the clothes and show the kids having fun in them. “Basically it was kind of what we did before, just very minimalistic against white, to show the clothing and the kids,” Paul said.

Fatin Mayassi, Gandzee’s fashion merchandising intern, helped the kids keep their clothes in place, while working with them to create fun and silly poses: jumping in the air, whispering secrets, playing ball. The photo shoot was definitely very playful.

The kids looked adorable in their Gandzee outfits, and their parents were so proud! All of us were excited to work together to produce photos that represent all that is unique about Gandzee, especially with the kids that inspire us.

We can’t wait for you to see what Gandzee has in store for its next round of wardrobe collections include past favorites Anthem of the Ants, La Miniatura and Everbloom and new designers you are sure to love like Appaman, E Land, Malley,Twirls and Twigs, Frankie & Sue, Livi G, I Do, Fore N Birdie, Little Traveler, Deux Par Deux, Jefferies, CR Kids, Petit Lem, Rabbit Moon,Baby's Trousseau, Fore!! Axel and Hudson, Charlie Rocket and Jaxxwear!



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