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What’s the etiquette on dressing kids up for birthday parties?

Posted on April 03, 2013 @ 08:27 Wednesday by Gandzee | 0 comments

My daughter was recently invited to a dance party with her 3-year-old girlfriends (try to wrap your head around that cuteness!). When I go to kids’ parties these days, I feel like I see a wide range of ensembles. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all party dress. It got me thinking about party etiquette. When you’re hosting a kids’ party, do you expect parents to dress their kids up a notch? Do you dress your child up when he or she goes off to a party, or are you just wiping your brow, glad you got the gift bought and wrapped in time?!? Ha.

Among my daughter’s preschool crowd, I feel like I see way less of the taffeta dresses and tights that were standard party wear a few decades ago. So what does “dressing up” look like now? For my little doll, a party is a good excuse for a pair of shiny silver leggings and a twirly top with some sequins...oh, and pink, lots of pink! She’s a fan of all things pink and shiny, and parties offer up an opportunity for her to embrace fun in all its forms.  

We probably could stop at pink and shiny but my kiddo always insists on accessories (she’s a girl after her mama’s heart) so that usually means adding a necklace and a bracelet. Her favorites always have a frilly detail or a flowery accent. The necklace in our BoHo Babe wardrobe collection (which you can also buy separately) definitely fits the bill on both accounts.

Still, it’s easy to be left wondering if we’re hitting the mark or overdoing it? She’d be just as cute wearing a pair of leggings and a tee. 

Call me crazy but I think there’s value in teaching kids to dress up for special occasions, even if they’re like me and dressing up just means trading my normal skinny jeans for dark wash skinny jeans! Ha. Spending a little extra time considering what to wear honors the host and the occasion and teaches kids when and how to step it up later in life… whether it’s for that job interview they want to land or that special someone they want to woo. 

For my son, birthday party attire is a whole different phenomenon. Kids’ parties offer him the opportunity to run around with his friends and be a capital B, capital O, capital Y. So, these days we pick fun clothes that are stylish but sturdy enough to hold up to his version of celebrating. Our Rage Against the Ordinary wardrobe collection has so many great combinations that fit the bill—offering a little style and a lot of flexibility.

Kids, whether girl or boy, know at very young ages what they like. Birthday parties, like many other occasions, offer the perfect opportunity to let them express themselves by wearing clothes that make them feel good. With my kids, I find that they always enjoy putting on clothes that speak to their individuality. And why not? As adults, we do the very same thing.

So, I don’t know what Emily Post would say on the matter but I say let them eat cake AND enjoy wearing some fun duds to their next birthday party!

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