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Dressing Your Kids for Air Travel

Posted on April 01, 2013 @ 09:52 Monday by Gandzee | 0 comments

Many of you are already on spring break—hopefully sunning yourself somewhere gloriously warm and lovely! For those of us back at home, the newly arrived warm weather is definitely inspiring us to dream about our summer vacation plans. 

Talk to someone from the Greatest Generation about air travel and they’ll tell you how people used to dress up in their best to catch a flight. Over the years, as air travel has become run-of-the-mill, most Americans have swapped stockings and high heels for sweatpants and flip-flops. I’m all about keeping it comfortable while traveling but I think there’s probably a happy medium. I like my kids to look neat and put-together, and my preference is to follow some basic travel tips that turn out kids who look runway-ready (ha!) each and every time we take to the skies:

Go with Dark Colors

Undoubtedly, your child will get super excited about the beverage cart and then spill at least a portion of his cup of juice all over himself. It’s gonna happen—ain’t nothin’ you can do about it! You might as well go ahead and minimize the damage in advance by dressing your kids in dark clothing or something with a fairly busy pattern! 

Forget the sweatpants

Yes, everyone agrees that sweatpants and yoga pants are comfortable. But I swear, your kiddos can maintain their comfort level while looking a tad more fashionable:-) For girls, try pairing leggings with a patterned dress (like the ones in our BoHo Babe wardrobe collection) for the perfect combination of comfy and cute. 

Pack a Cardigan

Airport temperatures are anything but regulated. The kids will get warm running around the terminal and playing make-believe at the gate but it’s easy to get a chill once they’ve boarded and are sitting directly underneath an A/C vent. Pick a cute cardigan for each child, and keep them in your carry-on. I always think a cardigan looks more put-together than a hoodie, so if you’re trying to dress things up a notch, they’re a good substitute.

Slip-Ons, Please

I think parents universally hate taking their kids through airport security. It’s not just that you’re herding a family of four through the tedious process of undressing and unpacking and redressing and repacking… it’s that you’re doing it while you get death stares from anyone who doesn’t have kids! So aggravating! The silver lining is that there are so many fashionable slip-on shoes these days, there’s no excuse for your kids’ footwear causing the logjam. The airport is precisely where you want to ditch that cute pair of Converse sneakers in favor of Toms.

Skip the Belt

Normally, I’m the queen of kids’ accessories (You’d never be able to tell looking at the wardrobe collections, right?!? Ha!) but the airport is one venue where I hold back. Every belt and bobble translates into more minutes in the airport security line, and my mission in life is to get through security with my kids in less time than it takes the eye-rolling, solo-flying, techy consultant standing in line behind me! 

Coordinate Your Looks

One thing I’ve noticed my kids love is dressing alike—not like each other but like Mommy and Daddy. I think the airport is a really fun place to break out coordinating looks that will have your kiddo puffing our her chest with pride. Maybe it’s just that you are your daughter are both going to wear skinny jeans, a black top and a pair of ballet flats. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate mix-and-match effort but it can make the whole trip feel extra special and fun.

If you’re at an airport reading this, I wish you safe travels, short layovers and a hundred happy vacation memories to bring home with you!

- Jen



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