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Styling Your Kids' Clothes for Special Occasions

Posted on March 22, 2013 @ 12:21 Friday by Gandzee | 0 comments

It’s almost Passover at our house. This year, Passover falls just a few days before Easter, so I know there are lots of moms (and probably a few dads) assessing their children’s closets and coming up short on how to clothe their tykes, whether it’s for Grandma’s Seder or their church’s Easter egg hunt.

I love dressing up my kids but I also try to be practical. At the end of the day, I don’t want to buy an outfit that will be worn once. I also prefer to preserve my sanity…  the idea of spending a Saturday afternoon winding my way through mall store after mall store in search of the perfect Passover dress, particularly with two kids in tow, doesn’t sound like a very good time!

At Gandzee, we pride ourselves on saving you time and energy by curating mix-and-match wardrobe collections for kids. We want you to be able to own fewer clothing items but really rely on each and every item in your child’s wardrobe to go the distance. So, I thought it’d be fun to run through our four 8-piece collections and give you some tips and tricks for dressing up the clothing your child already owns. Any one of our wardrobe collections (or the clothing you already own) could be dressed up to celebrate this spring in style. 

Fancy Up a Summer Dress

This is the combo dress in our Jackie O You Got That Right wardrobe collection

It’s made of cotton, and with the spaghetti straps, it’ll be great poolside. That being said, I get why it may not feel like quite the right choice for an Easter ensemble. But who wants to buy a big taffeta dress your daughter’s never going to wear again? Not me. How about pairing it with a white cardigan, some navy tights and a cute pair of shoes? Suddenly the summer shift looks buttoned up and serious enough for your Great Aunt Sue.

Add a Blouse

Nothing says buttoned-up like a button-up. Take our BoHo Babe wardrobe collection, for instance. I can’t get enough of the orange and white print skirt. We love pairing it with the collection’s elephant tank and butterfly tee but that won’t do for Aunt Martha’s marathon Seder. Pair it with a white blouse you already own and the collection’s pink cardigan and you’ve just dressed your daughter up considerably. Add a pair of white tights and a fun accessory and you’re all set. 

The Khakis Make the Man

Every boy needs a trusty pair of dress-me-up khaki pants. We’ve got a great tuxedo shirt in our Sigma Who? wardrobe collection, which we happen to love paired with jeans or chambray shorts. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look smashing with a pair of khakis. Keep a pair on hand for your little man and the perfect Easter ensemble is never far away. If it’s chilly, try adding a navy blue vest. Complete the outfit with a pair of Sperry Top-Siders.

Look for Details

If you analyze what makes a special occasion ensemble “special,” you’ll usually find the difference is in the details. That might mean smocking and monograms on little girls’ dresses. Or it might mean extra piping and embroidery on little boys’ shirts and jackets. Find a clothing item with great detail you love and go from there. In our Rage Against the Ordinary wardrobe collection, we love the high-definition headphones cardigan. The headphones are subtle but strikingly cool. Layer the cardigan with a collared shirt and a pair of dark  pants and we think you’ve got the recipe for a perfect Easter Sunday.

Dressing your child for Easter or Passover or any other big holiday doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. I’ve found that the ticket is to pair one special item with some clothing staples my kids already own. When I skip some of the fuss, I enjoy the day more.

- Jen

Share Your Experiences: How do you dress your kids for spring holidays? Does your child’s Easter dress get reused for Mother’s Day brunch? Do you make do with what you already own or buy something special, just for that special occasion? Visit us on Facebook to share your Passover and Easter pics!



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