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So, What Comes in a Box?

Posted on March 09, 2013 @ 14:04 Saturday by Gandzee | 0 comments

When we tell people about Gandzee’s wardrobe-in-a-box concept, the first thing they say is: “Brilliant!” The second thing they say is: “So, what comes in a box?”

What’s in a box? An awful lot! We figured it’d be fun to take a look at one of our wardrobe collections and do a breakdown of exactly what goes into a magical Gandzee box. We think you’ll be wowed at how much versatility you get with one wardrobe collection.

This is our BoHo Babe wardrobe collection. With its bright colors and floral accents, it’s guaranteed to delight your can’t-get-enough-pink daughter and her hip chick of a mama.

The BoHo Babe is an eight-piece collection, so the mix-and-match possibilities seem endless. One of things that sets Gandzee apart is that we’ll always give you mix-and-match ideas as well as styling suggestions to take the wardrobe even further.

We try to pack every box with some practical gotta-haves and some items that make you go, “Oooohhhhhh.” For instance, in the BoHo Babe box there’s a to-die-for floral dress, an oh-so-cute butterfly print top and an elephant tee that’ll have you asking if it comes in adult sizes. 

When you’re styling an outfit (or an entire wardrobe for that matter) every item can’t be a conversation piece. Sometimes the eye needs a place to rest. With BoHo Babe, that little corner of quiet comes in the form of adjustable-length khaki shorts and white legging capris. Then there’s an orange and white skirt that’s got just a little bit of pop.

We always look for one item that brings everything together—in this case, it’s a bright pink cardigan that’s great for a summer night catching fireflies in the front yard.   

And because we want your child to love ripping into a Gandzee box, we always toss in one item that’s guaranteed to delight the six-and-under crowd. In the BoHo Babe wardrobe collection, that translates into a chunky rosette necklace. For safety, we substitute the necklace for a butterfly headband in the 2T box because necklaces aren’t recommended for kids younger than three years old. Necklace or headband, we think your daughter will be doing the happy squeal.

The way we figure it, you get at least nine outfits out of the BoHo Babe wardrobe collection. And that’s before you grab a single pair of jeans or a denim skirt from your closet. 

With a box of clothes this cute delivered to your door, who would ever brave the mall?



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