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Behind the Scenes at Our First Photo Shoot

Posted on March 10, 2013 @ 13:09 Sunday by Gandzee | 0 comments
We’re nearly ready for Gandzee’s big debut! We celebrated a huge milestone this past Saturday—Gandzee’s first photo shoot! It was a 12-hour day but every minute of hard work was totally worth it for the chance to see so many adorable children wearing Gandzee’s spring wardrobe collections.

We started the day in hair and makeup. Jen got some TLC from Raj Beauty. Raj is based in Richmond and does mobile styling. He’s a beast at what he does. He knew just how to handle the kiddos—just enough makeup to make sure they didn’t look washed out under the bright lights without looking like they were wearing a thing. 

All the little girls, in particular, were lined up for the chance to sit in Raj’s chair. When you’re four years old and Lipsmacker is the absolute most makeup you’re allowed to wear ever, sitting for hair and makeup at a fancy photo shoot is a seriously big deal!

Even Jen spent a little time getting the Raj treatment. Are you ready for your close-up, Chief Executive Mom?

Franklin Goose, which is one of our all-time favorite Richmond children’s boutiques, graciously leant us some props for the shoot. Check out the Livie and Luca Sherlock Boots Max is wearing. Aren’t they seriously adorable? We think they totally complete his hipster look!

We couldn’t have pulled the shoot off without our fabulous interns who helped us steam and organize the kids’ clothes. All. Day. Long. Look at Jasmine. She’s hours into the day and she’s still has a smile on her face… too fabulous for words, right?

If we had to give a gold star for most go-with-the-flow model, we’d give it to baby Julia, without a doubt. This six-month cherub sat the longest of any child at the shoot, smiling and cooing and just gazing happily out into the room as the cameras flashed. Gotta love that age!

By 2 o’clock, all our models had gone home to enjoy a little naptime, and it was time for laydown shots. Because the clothes in Gandzee’s wardrobe collections are designed to coordinate with each other, that meant arranging not one or two pieces of clothing at a time but entire wardrobe collections. Seeing the clothes all laid out did make us sit back and marvel at what Gandzee is shaping up to be… such a big resource for moms and dads who don’t have time to style their kids’ wardrobes. 

We walked away at the end of the day with some incredible shots that we can’t wait to show you, as well as a few lessons learned that we’ll take with us into our fall photo shoot. For instance, never underestimate the power of a little bribery—we went through an entire bag of Jelly Bellys, buying smiles one “magic” bean at a time. But it was so worth it, don’t you think?!?!

Tell us about your own experiences: Do you have any experience photographing children? What are your tips and tricks to keep them happy and smiling?



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